Mitigating the Pain of Unplanned Network Growth

Mitigating the Pain of Unplanned Network Growth

Small-to-medium sized businesses today face many challenges, particularly things like increased mobile device use and unexpected network growth. While every business wants to grow, the problem with unplanned growth is that it can quickly turn chaotic from a technical standpoint; often resulting in companies and organizations sloppily scrambling to add new users, devices, and applications to meet service expectations.

When immediate needs take precedent over business-as-usual there can be long-term ramifications – even previously organized networks can rapidly deteriorate into a convoluted mess. The old-school method of using traditional IT applications to keep track of the security protocols and configurations for any device, application, or software running on the network simply doesn’t cut it in this era of cloud computing, global reach, and the Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) revolution.

In a nutshell, here’s what’s happening: rapid growth and changes to how we work and conduct business have made it difficult for traditional IT security applications to be aware of every single device, software, application, and off-network system that is deployed from one location to the next.

Adding to the mayhem is today’s attachment to personal smartphones and tablets. The increase in the use of personal devices in the workplace has more people tapping into networks, often without the knowledge of an IT manager. New locations are opening and existing locations are expanding. One group of employees can be using different operating systems, or different versions of software, compared to another group, further complicating the job of limited IT resources.

Obviously, all of this presents its share of challenges when it comes to data-protection and management. It can also create security nightmares.

Remote Monitoring and Management and Network Operations Centers Ease the Burden

That which cannot be seen, cannot be properly managed. Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software enables 24/7 monitoring with real-time status and visibility. Any device, whether it’s stationary servers, desktops at workstations, or mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and notebooks; can be monitored and managed centrally. Groups of machines can be managed according to device, operating system, location, or other identifiable traits related to the organization’s structure.

Intelligent remote monitoring and management is even more powerful when it is integrated with access to a 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) that addresses and resolves technical issues around-the-clock.

Tasks like virus scans and patch management, along with the deployment of devices, applications and patches, can all be automated to minimize time that is lost manually managing security processes or troubleshooting and fixing problems.

If business growth has overburdened your technical capabilities, Dykstra IT can easily set you up with remote monitoring and management software and Network Operations Center access. A growing business is a thing to celebrate, not overwhelm you. Enjoy the increased profit that is sure to come from concentrating your efforts on revenue-generating activities and let some tech professionals and advanced remote monitoring and management capabilities take care of the rest.

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