Unlimited IT Support

Unlimited onsite & remote support for everyone (unlimited means truly and fully unlimited). Think of us as your own personal IT team, except we are in a different building just minutes away. We understand that every business is unique. There is no 'one size fits all' approach to computer support.

30 Minute Response Guaranteed

Our actual average is closer to 5 minutes on all requests! We want to provide not only the highest level of service and solutions, but also a refreshingly unique support experience. We hire people who are not only leaders in their field, but also enjoy interacting with our clients and having fun while doing it.

Flat Monthly Contract

Flat rate monthly bill with a month-to-month contract. It is our job to earn your business every month! IT is central to any business and we don't take that responsibility lightly. Team members are ready to handle anything that comes their way with professionalism, integrity and a true sense of urgency.

More than just IT

We are far more than just your IT team, we leverage your assets using technology maximizing your teams performance. Once we understand your network we recommend ways to improve your technology, find ways to reduce costs, help create a path to business grow. Ultimately, you focus on growing your company without the worry.


Unlimited service? What's the catch?

Yes! Unlimited support for you and entire staff! Does not matter how often you call, email or we come onsite. The unlimited scope is your entire existing IT infrastructure. Think of us as your own in-house IT team, just in a different building!

How long does it usually take to respond to my requests?

While we guarantee a 30 minute response time, our true average response time is 1-3 minutes by email and almost immediate by phone.

Is it easy to on-board and to get started?

Absolutely. During the on-boarding process we are all hands on deck! We bring in the team to meet and greet everyone. We want your team to meet us and feel comfortable to call us when problems arise. We document every computer, take photos, label the PCs etc.

Once that phase is completed, we start the documentation process into our system. This is all on the backside of your system where we map out your network in detail. Creating processes and procedures for when your team calls, you get the idea. We design a 1 year and 5 year plan for continuity and future growth.

This is a labor intensive time while we understand your digital environment and create a plan to improve things. This process can take up to 4 weeks depending on size and complexity. During this time we still can field phone calls to support your team. Some ticket items may take slightly longer to resolve as we are still learning all of the nuances. Once we have completed the on-boarding and documentation, we will be fully ready to hit the ground running. The beginning can feel like a slow process but It is the key to our success together!

There's no contract, correct?

That’s right! There’s no yearly contract or commitment. It is our job to earn your business every month! We are confident that you will love us, and don’t feel the need to ‘lock’ you in.

Do you work with vendor support?

Sure do! If you are having software issues, we’ll call their support for you and continue to sort out any issues. You can continue to have a productive day!

How do I learn more?

Simple, call or email! 616-965-6100 is to our dedicated information line. Ultimately we want what is best for your business lets collaborate to solve some your tech questions!

Essentially the best way to understand our business model is to think of us as your own internal IT department but just in a different building a few minutes away.

Dykstra IT

We are a Grand Rapids computer support, managed IT service company with over 30 years experience. Think of us as your own internal dedicated computer team that would handle anything that comes up! Essentially we are your team of IT help professionals at a fraction of the cost!

We offer Managed Services – This approach to IT help is a bit unique. We provide an “all you can eat” service at a flat rate. We handle all of your infrastructure and hardware, and we interact with internet service providers and other vendors on your behalf. All of your staff will have access to support when they need it. In fact, our average response time is under 5 minutes! In addition to our on-site and remote service, we have a team that is dedicated to optimizing your systems. They are actively looking for and repairing any potential problems that they detect before they become a problem for your people.

Our greatest specialty is auto dealerships We are the most knowledgeable dealership niche IT company with over 34 years in the industry. We have senior level technicians who have extensive experience in dealership roles like F&I, sales, bookkeeping, and parts. We have invested a lot of time getting to know how dealerships work and understanding the type of IT help and support and systems that make dealerships successful.

Is your office HIPAA compliant? We are one of the few companies in GR who are HIPAA compliant and will sign a BAA (business associate agreement). We have worked hard to become certified with today’s HIPAA standards. Let us work with you to set in place the right practices for your team. Ask for references and we would be happy to connect you with some of our medical clients.

Today’s businesses are run entirely on computers and servers. Their network is the backbone of their business. Security, efficiency, proactive solutions are a just a few things our services do for our accounting clients. They sleep easy at night knowing their business is protected from hackers and security threats that are constantly evolving.

Billing, plans, invoicing, client notes, coordination, and so much more are required to run a successful construction company. A strong IT network is required to support it. Our construction clients have enough to manage and technology isn’t one of them. We focus on your computers so you can focus on your business.

Retail stores face a different set of challenges than other industries. If systems go down, they can not sell to their customers. We have lots of solutions to help overcome day to day operations. Our back up and recovery services ensure business continuity all year round.

We understand the detrimental impact of a down network. Time = money in this industry. A production line that is not moving can create widespread problems. Our proactive approach to IT help gives our manufacturing clients the and we work with a host of manufactures here in West Michigan.


+ Workstations


+ Servers


90 Days Avg Minutes Ticket Response


Closed under 1 hour


Fixed First Time


Over Proactive Tickets Daily



We provide complete solutions. If it is your problem, it is our problem. Whenever and wherever you need help, we can provide it. We are committed to making all of your IT work all of the time. Your business is our business, and that's why we provide 24x7 access to people who can keep your business booming.

PEACE OF MIND 24/7/365

Tired of managing your PC's? No problem. With Dykstra IT, every single one of your workstations and every single one of your employees has access to unlimited technical support. We provide you with cutting edge, continually monitored antivirus, and malware protection and we ensure that your critical data is backed up and protected. We spend our days focused on your IT so that you can focus on your business!


It's simple. We want you to succeed. When your business grows, ours does too! At Dykstra IT you will have a dedicated support team. Each time you pick up the phone, you will be directly connected to your ``Dedicated IT Help Team`` who are already familiar with your software and will know exactly how to help. As your IT partner, we understand that your time is your most valuable asset and it is our goal to make sure that you won't have to waste a minute on IT.


This is our core service. We provide proactive end-to-end support, management and monitoring of your network, computers systems and manage your software and hardware vendor relations. This comes with unlimited on site and remote support from our team.


Problems happen. When they do, you need a reliable solution in place. Our solutions are secure, reliable and tailored to your specific needs.


Looking for a new email provider or simply want to move your aging in-house system off site to ``the cloud?`` We can do that.


  1. Design

    We start with a comprehensive discovery process where we learn about your business, processes, people, and systems.

  2. Implement

    Using what we have learned about your company and people, if needed, we implement systems and configurations tailored to your needs.

  3. Monitor – 24/7/365

    Our team and software will monitor your systems for potential problems and areas that can be improved around the clock.

  4. Optimize

    Technology, people and processes are always changing - we continually look for ways to optimize and improve your computing experience.

  5. Proactive

    Proactive IT help eliminates nearly 90% of all downtime before it occurs.


Have 15 minutes?

Lets meet! Learn about who we are, how we do IT and our business model, pressure free!

Still not sure?

Get some facts, understand our process, learn how we can help you grow!

Our Team

Drew Dykstra
Fearless Leader
  • Business planning 95%
  • Forecasting 98%
  • Client Retention 100%
IT Ninja
  • Chief Configuration Engineer 96%
  • Router God 98%
  • Legacy Implementation 90%
Systems Engineer
  • CCNA 95%
  • Tennis Titan 81%
  • Networking Nerd 89%
Support Hero
  • Bilingual 100%
  • Audio/Video 92%
  • Siestas 95%
Super Technician
  • Cisco Networking 96%
  • Seagull Manager 65%
  • Implementation Engineer 90%
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